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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Below are some of the core services offered by Refcon Specialist Group.


  • General Concrete Repair

  • Industrial Flooring

  • Driveway refurbishment

  • Expansion Joint replacement

  • Void filling

  • Resin Injection/Crack repair

  • Water proofing

  • Leak stoppages

  • Inspection services

  • Pressure washing 

  • Soft washing

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Concrete Repair

This refers to the general repair of concrete that has been introduced to some sort of damage mechanism.


From spalling and cracking to fractures and scaling Refcon SG provides the correct materials and methods to fix these issues.


Gunite & Shotcrete

Gunite and Shotcrete are methods of utilizing air to place concrete in dry (gunite) or wet (shotcrete) forms.

This application is ideal for repair locations that cannot be formed and pored using conventional methods. Refcon SG has a wide variety of Gunite equipment to install material in many different methods.

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Resin Injection

Often used to seal and prevent further movement of cracks, resin injection is a repair method that takes skill and patience.


Refcon SG is equipped with the knowledge and skillset to determine where, when, and how to utilize this method in order to get the desired results

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Pressure Washing

Concrete maintenance begins with proper cleaning. Removal of dirt, mold and other substances that may cause degradation is the first step in prolonging its life.


Refcon SG boasts the ability to clean everything from flat surfaces such as patios and driveways to buildings several stories high and even overhead areas with the greatest of ease.

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Inspection & Surveying

With a wide variety of materials used in the concrete industry inspections and site surveys are commonplace. Refcon SG proudly perform inspections IAW API 936 Refractory Personnel and NACE Level 2 CIP Standards.


Our inspections are performed under the strict guidelines of their governing bodies. Once completed we provide a detailed inspection report to our clients for their decision-making process.

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